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Recently I helped migrate a Joomla/Virtuemart store,, to BigCommerce, an advanced e-commerce solution. While there's a lot about BigCommerce to like on the backend, some things were extremely frustrating, like the 404 error page, which by default has minimal content:

If a customer sees this page, they're likely to bounce because there's not much here to help them and no suggestions of what to browse on the site instead. Contrast this to the solution I implemented here: or here: - the customer is much more likely to continue on to another page that interests them, even though the page they navigated to isn't on the site.

Keep reading to find out how I came up with this solution, or if you need help customizing your BigCommerce store, feel free to reach out to me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

I went on {tip Last Year::Last year I visited family in Seattle and California, and stopped in South Dakota, Montana, Oregon, Arizona, Utah, and Colorado}another{/tip} big, amazing trip this year- Colorado, Utah, Nevada, and California. Before I left, one of my friends said to me, "the last time you went on a trip, you made all these great {tip Changes::I got a new place, wound up getting some great new clients, and did a lot of other positive things}changes in your life{/tip}. What are you looking to find this year?" I answered that I wasn't looking to find anything in particular, or recreate any photographs (we'd been talking about Ansel Adams before this), but that I'd keep my eyes open to see these things with my own vision, and I'd keep my heart wide open to get to know new people and have adventures that were all my own.

I had the opportunity to be an emergency replacement instructor in introductory web design for one semester. Teaching is definitely not what I was meant to do. But this is what I learned:

At some point in my education, I had been every one of my students: the one who was overwhelmed. The one who was impatient to learn new things. The one who slacked off too much. The one who had taste in design exceeding their current capability. The one who had trouble starting. The one who tried to do too much. The one who needed extra attention. The one who was afraid to ask for help.

There are many ways to use custom fonts beyond the old web-safe standards like Georgia, Verdana, Times New Roman and Arial. We'll go through them in a second, but first let's get one big thing out of the way:

Forms are used for a lot of applications on the internet. There are simple contact forms, forms that you can use as part of an advanced search, forms that can take on the function of a survey, forms that can submit credit card data to a payment processor, and many, many other boring examples of forms.

It’s been a pretty profound week for me. I’m going to try to explain it all by telling the story of this flower. This is a long story.

A beautiful rose with water droplets that caused me to ponder the meaning of life.

So far in this class, we've been changing the look of our html elements with css, but we haven't really been making them move around the page. It's time for us to take the next step forward and learn two ways we can change the arrangement of our page using CSS: with positioning and floats.

Here are a few handy shortcuts you may find useful. These should work when inside of a text window (as opposed to design view). Many of these are the same in other text editors.:

This zip file contains the Zen Garden HTML & CSS files that you'll be using on this project. I've slightly modified the source of the HTML file, so everyone will need to make sure to use these files and not the files downloaded on Thursday 9/13.

Designing websites is simpler than you might think. My goal in this course is that you will gain a strong grasp of the fundamentals of web design, that you will be able to create a website based on the needs of a client or boss, and that you won't be intimidated by web design. You will learn to use Dreamweaver in this class, but I will place an emphasis on understanding the principles of web design and the basics of HTML and CSS over the features and intricacies of Dreamweaver or any other software.

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