Gills of War Video Game

Created Saturday, 22 October 2011 00:00 Last Modified Sunday, 18 December 2016 11:32

Update: now available on the IOS app store!

When I was little, I was practically inseparable from my Nintendo Game Boy. My favorite game was the original Super Mario Land, and I especially liked the levels where Mario got to fly an airplane and shoot at his enemies. I've attempted to recreate the magic of those levels in my first large scale flash game, Gills of War.

In Gills of War, you play a tiny fish on a big adventure. The story of the game is that you've stolen a hot air balloon to get away from all the fish in the ocean that want to eat you. Unfortunately, you're so tasty that all of the other fish have taken to the sky with their own means of aviation to track you down! In order to defeat them, you'll need to collect power-ups and extra lives, as well as journey to places that fish have never gone before - maybe even to outer space. So prepare yourself - FOR GILLS OF WAR! (it's kinda like that gears game, but with fish).

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